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How to FAQ

Do you supply a puzzle sample?

Yes! For each type of puzzle we supply a sample that is available to download from the ‘Info’ tab on each puzzle page.

How do I use the puzzles?

Our puzzles for print can be added into your publication in pdf or eps format (both are supplied with your purchase) and laid out in different styles. For each type of puzzle we have provided a layout guide that can be downloaded from the ‘Specs. & Usage’ tab on the page for that puzzle.

Can I redownload my purchases?

Yes! After you have made your purchase you will be sent an email containing a link to download your puzzles. You also have the option of registering an account with allowing you to access all of your purchases previously made.

Why are there strange characters in the Standfirst text file?

The standfirsts are encoded in Unicode (UTF-8). Please make sure the program you're opening the standfirst in has its encoding set to UTF-8.