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Crossword — Cryptic — 13x13 grid

A standard-sized crossword with cryptic clues which require considerable effort and a certain amount of lateral thinking to solve. Ideal for die-hard crossword enthusiasts and for publications with an academic...

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Crossword — Two-Timer — 13x13 grid

A standard-sized crossword with both quick and cryptic clues leading to the same answer. This arrangement makes solving the cryptic element far easier for beginners so it is ideal for...

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Sudoku — Medium

Most people are now familiar with Sudoku. Each square and each row must contain the numbers one to nine. Players use logic to work out where the numbers must go...

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A mental arithmetic challenge with three levels of increasing difficulty to complete. The use of classic maths symbols makes this puzzle visually appealing to number-puzzle enthusiasts. Download sample puzzle 1...

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